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It's The Leadership and Strategy that Matters and leads for Business Excellence !!

Let's face it.  CEOs come and go. But leadership, if developed in a comprehensive way, endures.

In the last few years we've seen new CEO's at prominent brands such as Google, Yahoo, HP, Apple, and other eminent companies, and in each case we watch to see if the CEO can "pull it off."

Well, while the CEO is a very important person, our research shows that enduring business performance is really driven at much deeper levels: a focus on leadership strategy. Long term business performance comes from leadership culture; careful and continuous development of leadership at all levels.

In this research we looked at hundreds of companies over the last few years and correlated their business performance to a variety of different people and talent practices.
After looking at many talent management practices (including the purchase of expensive software), we found that a company's level of maturity in their leadership development has a greater impact on their long term …